two artists under one roof





It all started with a tree that we fell in love with. We moved to Baton Rouge after the big flood of 2016 and were in search of land to build on. We stumbled across a beautiful piece of land filled with many mature trees and surrounded by wonderful neighbors. At the center of the property was a beautiful oak but as we walked closer to it, we noticed the ground was still saturated by the harsh rains of Louisiana, causing our steps to sink into the mud as we approached the old tree. The Muddy Oak Manor is more than a home for us, but the place where music, art, and special memories are made.
This blog is a memoir our family’s adventures while living in the modern cottage we designed and self-contracted.

-The Martínez Family


*We also have another beautiful baby girl named Ada, two Catahoula hounds, and 5 chickens who are not pictured because we need to take updated family pictures.*